Sunday, January 29, 2012

I think there's a potato under the couch

And I'm missing two tops to my food storage containers. They might have been put in the trash. I don't think they're under the couch. I looked. That's why I think there's a potato under there. It might be a plastic egg but it's probably a potato. Why you ask?

There's some dry erase marker on the wall right next to some crayon streaks. Speaking of streaks you should see the windows. They're especially stunning with the late afternoon sun shining through. 

I'm going to try and feed my family more veggies this week. I thought I'd start with some red cabbage. As I was putting it into the pot to cook the Lulabee says, "Eww, yucky." I said that it was pretty. She says, "It's a pretty color but tastes yucky." I imagine I'll be eating a lot of cabbage over the next few days.

Last week we were busy. This week not so much. Hopefully we'll get some school done.

The oven is beeping. I should probably get that.

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