Friday, January 27, 2012

tales from an evening gone awry

Life promises never to be dull when you have three small children.  This past Wednesday our small groups were starting up again but we decided not to attend since we had missed some sleep during the week and had some sniffly noses.  We would later wish we had chosen otherwise. (How's that for foreshadowing!)

I had bribed the children with some Sesame Street on Hulu during dinner to keep them seated. I was putting the little X man to bed, the girls were still watching SS and my husband was in the kitchen cleaning up. Just as I was entering the final stretch of the bedtime routine I heard some screams from downstairs. Since that is not uncommon I thought nothing of it and just wished they would be more quiet so I could get the kid to bed.

Then my husband comes charging up the stairs carrying our middle daughter, the Lulabee, he kicks open the door of the baby's room and says, "She fell and cut her head!"  (We later found out that our first thought had been, "If we'd gone to group this wouldn't have happened.") So, he takes little X and I take Lulabee to the bathroom to check the damage. It didn't seem too bad but we thought we'd go the ER just in case.

I hopped into the car with our daughter. It was a lovely rainy and chilly night. Perfect for ER runs. As we got onto the highway little miss seemed her normal self chatting away as if nothing had happened. I think she was excited that it was her turn to get a hospital visit (the big sister was first and that's a whole 'nother story).  I was wishing we had a nurse for a neighbor.

That's when I realized that our nurse friend who happens to be married to a paramedic was at small group which happens to be on the way to the hospital. So, I took a little detour.  Our friend looked at my Lulabee's head and said that though he's supposed to tell us to get medical treatment it didn't look like something we couldn't take care of at home. Some gauze, antibacterial cream and a large bandaid later she was none the worse for wear.

The next day Papi brought her a balloon and a candy bar for her bravery.

The little X man didn't want to be left out so the next morning he fell and got a bloody nose.

 Never. A. Dull. Moment.

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