Thursday, February 2, 2012

am I really going to miss this?

In 5 years will I really miss the egg yolk encrusted tutu?

Or the floor covered in crunched O's?

Or missed trips to the bathroom that ended up on the carpeted stairs?

Or the endless nights?

Or the everything everywhere look of our home?

It's said to enjoy this stage because it's fleeting and before you know it it's gone and you'll miss it.

I won't debate the speed of the stage.

I won't even debate that there is a lot that I will miss.

Like the dancing tutus.

And the over glittered cards.

And the toddler kisses.

But I don't think I'll miss all of it.

Don't even try to convince me.

I won't believe you.

And I'll ask you to come over and get the egg off my floor, please.

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